Welcome to DNAPL TEST!

DNAPL TEST is a user-friendly screening tool that is intended to be used during the remedial technology selection process to:

(i) Aid in the selection of technologies based on desired performance metrics;
(ii) Evaluate potential technology performance; and
(iii) Reduce the uncertainty of estimating and predicting remedial outcomes and implementation costs at DNAPL source zone sites.

The tool focuses on remediation of chlorinated solvent DNAPL sources only. The software was developed through a collaborative effort completed by Geosyntec Consultants (software coding and field case study collection), and Queen's University and University of Edinburgh (numerical modeling and case study collection) under the guidance and oversight of Naval Facilities Engineering Services Center (NAVFAC, United States Navy). The software development was completed through funding provided by the Environmental Security Technology Certification Program (ESTCP), Project No. ER-0424.

DNAPL TEST was developed using Microsoft® Access®, and can be used on any computer that has Access installed. The compressed file (i.e. a .zip file) is available for download by clicking the link below. The zipped file can be saved anywhere on your computer, and the database can then be extracted using Windows® compression software that is generally installed on Windows computers (or any other compression software you may have installed). You can then open the tool by double-clicking on the extracted file. If you need any assistance or have any questions, please contact technical support.

**DNAPL TEST v1.0 available for download**

To contact technical support e-mail dnapltest@geosyntec.com

The user of the software should be aware that results of the screening tool analysis do not constitute a prediction of how a technology will perform under the specified conditions. DNAPL TEST is to be used only as a guide for technology selection and cannot replace appropriate site-specific evaluations based on engineering judgment. ESTCP, NAVFAC, Geosyntec Consultants, Queen's University, and the University of Edinburgh are not liable for misuse of the information contained in, or output by, the DNAPL TEST software.